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Gavilan Beach

Area located:

El Gavilán, Los Cerritos

Land Area:

9000 m2

Inside Area:



$1,500,000 US



Spectacular possibilities, Great Prices... Six lots, side by side, from the winding hillside road down to the tidepools and sandy beach in the hidden area west of Cerro Gavilán.

A fabulous setting of over two acres for private residences or boutique hotel, where every room has a stunning view. The property is 120 meters wide and about 75 meters from road to the beach and rocks.

It is only a short walk from the swimming and surfing at Los Cerritos, and there is easy access to the highway if you want to go to Todos Santos, La Paz or Los Cabos. The International airport in Los Cabos is just about an hour away on the new bypass highway.

We are offering the two southernmost parcels together for $600,000 or the two northernmost also for $600,000 or all six at $1,500,000.

Offered Exclusively by Pescadero Properties

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